Stomach Distension

The Facts About Stomach Distension

Stomach distension can be a very painful condition; in addition to pain, a bloated stomach can also be an embarrassment. Although most people refer to this condition as a bloated stomach, the fact is that the bloating does not really take place in the stomach but in the small intestine.

The most common cause of stomach distension is digestive problems. When someone has a problem with digesting their food it can cause the buildup of gases, which leads to a bloated feeling as gases buildup in the small intestine.

When someone has chronic stomach distension due to problems digesting their food, the problem can often be traced back to intolerance for a particular type of food. Some people may be lactose intolerant and will find that they have stomach pain and bloating if they eat dairy products. Yeast, gluten, and fructose may also cause digestive problem for a number of people.

Before you can really understand stomach distension due to food intolerance it is necessary to understand how the digestive system works. Basically, the digestive system is a system of chemical reactions in the body. The chemicals of the body breakdown the food as it is digesting it to a form that is more easily absorbed by the body. These components are used for energy and nutrients. What remains of the food is waste and is then moved further down the digestive track and eliminated by the body.

Some of the waste product will turn to an odorless gas that in normal circumstances is easily handled by the body and eliminated. This is a normal part of the digestive system, but when there is food intolerance the body’s digestive system cannot function properly and this can cause problems. When there is intolerance to a particular type of food, the gas that is produced may be of a higher temperature and pressure. This may cause stomach distention, and the gas may have a rancid odor. This condition can be embarrassing, as well as painful.

With stomach distention, the gasses will contain hydrogen sulphides causing a harsh odor when it is released from the body. These pockets of gases will also stretch the intestines and stomach beyond its normal capacity. This will cause discomfort and could even make it difficult to put on certain articles of clothing, such as jeans. Detecting stomach distension isn’t difficult, as the pain and bloating is fairly obvious. There is more of a problem in detecting what exactly is causing the stomach bloating.

Just like any other type of symptom, stomach distension is a sign from your body that something isn’t right. With millions of people suffering from bloating and gas due to food intolerance, you can assume that this is likely what is causing your problem. Try eliminating dairy products first; if this doesn’t bring you the relief you need, move to other types of foods, such as the yeast, etc.

Although less frequent, food allergies may also cause some digestive problems. You may be allergic to certain types of food without you being aware of the allergy. Another cause of stomach bloating may be swallowing air. Though many people tend to swallow air when eating, it is often not the cause of bloating and stomach pain.

If you have tried eliminating all the types of foods that tend to cause bloating of the intestines without getting any relief, you may want to consult your doctor for an evaluation of your symptoms. There are other types of medical conditions that can cause stomach distension so it’s important to see your healthcare provider if you are unable to solve the problem with diet change.

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